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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Howell High School Pre-Prom Assembly v. Dexter Prom Drinking Song

Another Doppelganger? 

The Final Karaoke Song at OUR Prom vs. a drinking awareness assembly in Howell. 

A different Principal Moran* in Howell, Michigan, supported his students this year in organizing an assembly to raise awareness of student drinking and driving. The assembly took place on May 7, 2011, the day of Howell High School's prom. 

Here's what the other Mr. Moran had to say (as reported in the HHS student newspaper):

*Principal Mr. Aaron Moran told of how he hoped the assembly would help promote having a safe prom and graduation season. Nalepa agreed saying, “I believe that the assembly will help people to realize that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous, and that it is not worth risking losing someone else’s life, or your own."

[The other] Mr. Moran also remarked that it would be a community effort to decrease the amount of drinking and drug use before and after prom. Parents will need to be involved and that it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure the students are safe.
As [the other] Mr. Moran stated, “One incident is one too many" [emphasis added.
Dexter? How are things going for you? Let's check in. I have been told that our superintendent is fully aware of the incident. And yet . . . .