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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DHS Principal sings "booze" at prom while students whoop and cheer.

Here's something interesting I came across recently. It's a riddle.

While most principals are telling kids not to go partying after prom (and may even have a wrecked car parked in the commons or have an assembly about being responsible), where can you find a principal who sings about "booze helping him hang on" while students whoop and hollar? You guessed it. DHS.

Here are a couple of videos I recently found posted on youtube. These videos are easily found using a google search of the terms dhs principal margaritaville youtube. Or here's the link.

And a second view from a cell phone camera.

How are other schools handling the issue? Howell Highlanders


Anonymous said...

Mr. Moran, would you please grow up. Please?

Anonymous said...

I really shocked by this. I have concerns about the high school anyway, but this is unbelievable.

Working Toward a Better Dexter said...

People in public positions shouldn't be surprised when unflattering images get out there. It's free speech. It's life.

Rather than getting mad that it's been shared around and people are seeing you sing to a group of students (who look up to you) that "booze in the blender helps you hang on," you might do better to examine your actions and consider why you sang that song, what the possible effects on the students might have been, what message you sent to them and how you could better serve them next time.

We all know kids don't quietly drive home after prom and say "goodnight dear" to their dates. What they do and where they go after prom matters.

C.J. said...

I don't think it's sad. I think it's disgusting. There he is aping being tipsy like it's all a big joke. Something is wrong with that man.

Makes me glad we are moving.

Caitlyn said...

Please realize that by them singing this popular song, they are in no way promoting underage alcohol use. They are singing a song, not encouraging every student to go out and buy a margarita. If they were providing to underage students then you would have quite the case, but they are simply singing a song!!! Your ability to read into such a harmless act of karaoke and turn these amazing, fun administrators into 'sad,' 'poor-judgmented' men is utterly baffling. I, for one, can say that hearing a karaoke song at prom would have never inspired me to engage in illegal activities; and if students don't have the right mind-set to realize a meaningless karaoke song is just that, I'm not sure they have the mental stability to graduate high school and continue on to college.

For the record, DHS students would whoop and cheer for these guys no matter what they were singing. Recall the day Mr. Moran and another DHS teacher flaunted skirts and pompons to support a charity powder puff football game. Their embarrassment, yet fun spirit, raised American Cancer Society $400 total from a wonderful donor, and wild cheering from the student section and parent spectators, alike.

If you are going to 'shine a light in the darkness' on this blog, it'd be great to see you point out where the light is already beaming, as well.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't the song, it's his position of authority and the setting or context. Inappropriate, not sad or disgusting, is the word I would use.

Anonymous said...

Dexter does not want people like you as parents at our our school. Go to some Lutheran private school where you get a crazy headmaster that shares your beliefs, like hating fun.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's crazy that we don't want the principal of the local high school to whoop it up at prom singing a song about how fun it is to drink alcohol before they get in their cars and drive off.

disappointed said...

Its really a shame that parents feel it is necessary to pick on specific administrators such as Mr. Moran and Mr. Satt. Alcohol is a part of life. The students that are going to consume alcohol will do so whether or not an administrator sings a popular song.
Also, is it fair to hold an administrator at a higher regard than yourselves? Have you ever consumed alcohol in front front of your children in their life? the answer will most likely be a yes. A parent is the biggest influence to a child, more so than any administrator ever will be. The focus shouldn't be about how a principal sings a song, but rather the children that aren't taught more discretion by the parents. I am disappointed that a select group of parents would rather paint DHS in a bad light than work to affect change within the system. I pity Mr. Moran for having his name dragged in mud for trying to connect with students. Caitlyn is right, they could have sang about "What's New Pussy Cat" and students would have cheered and Clean Up DHS would have found a problem with it.

Anonymous said...

Have they lowered the drinking age? Why is he singing this to high school students?

Sam said...

It's a song get over yourself. They are awesome and care. There no flat out telling students to go buy booze. Seems like some Parents need to grown up.

Anonymous said...

I know these gentlemen very well... And you are disregarding them in all ways. Thanks, but no thanks. If you have a problem with them I would expect an up front approach that would show more respect... Any person could have sang this song, but only you people could correlate it to that way.

-All students
Not a joke either.Even your children.

Gauntlet said...

I live in Miami and I am sick of Jimmy Buffet and his awful song "Margaritaville.". I cannot understand why people like that pathetic excuse for a song. "Hey look at me!! i'm a drunk who had ONE hit decades ago!" Just what MADD needs..a tune encouraging people to get drunk. Jimmy Buffet could die tomorrow and I will be the first to pop the cork on the champagne. Now if only "Magaritaville" could be banned.