The Seattle Times' Opinion on "Public Forum" Student Papers

"But we say again it is a risky thing to give legal control of a high-school newspaper to students."

Seattle Times Editorial

Monday, March 29, 2010


Anonymous said...

Looking beyond the newspaper, I was disturbed by the "Casino/Gambling" theme of the 2009 homecoming floats. I do not think this was an appropriate theme for high school students, as gambling is illegal for minors, let alone for my 3rd grader who watched the parade with her class. Certainly Matt is correct in that we all have other things we need to do, but this is too important to just sit back and do nothing about!


Working Toward a Better Dexter said...

You are right! I had forgotten about that. It made me mad at the time, but I didn't think too much about it. And I have two kids at Bates who were "required" (of course they also wanted to) to watch the casino/gambling parade. What's that about?

Anonymous said...

Principals should NOT censor and school newspaper before it gets published. At the school I attend, and edition of our paper that wanted to be censored was not, and it revealed amazing changes that wouldn't have happened if our principal would have reviewed it. Sometimes what principals and leaders think is the best is not what would benefit the school and students.
-High School Journalist

Anonymous said...

oh please, stop being so paranoid, you can't shield children from the things that take place in the real world. Hiding things like gambling from them is stupid, you need to teach them about it and how it can be dangerous, not deprive them of it entirely.. what happens when they come of age and see gambling as a fun care free thing because they were not taught about it?

Working Toward a Better Dexter said...

We're not sure we understand. We need to teach our Kindergartners about gambling . . . why? So they won't think it's fun?

And you're saying having a parade with teenagers on "gambling" theme floats teaches the Bates children not to see gambling as a fun and carefree thing . . . how?

And the casino/gambling homecoming theme teaches gambling is dangerous? We're just not getting that.